Tutoring & Teaching

Tutoring for Middle School and High School students

Are you learning French or Spanish, and need extra help to feel more confident or to get a better grade?

Let’s work on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. If you already enjoy learning a second language, I can help you become bilingual sooner than you thought you could. If you are struggling and not really enjoying your language classes in school I’ll make it fun and interesting, and help you raise your grades.Suggestions

Classes for adults  

Are your children starting to learn French or Spanish, and you don’t want to be left behind? Are you planning a trip to a French or Spanish speaking country and want to take an accelerated course to be comfortable with the language and the culture? Let’s talk about your goals and we’ll tailor a class for your needs.

We can meet at the student’s home, in a coffee shop, or at my home office in Berkeley. Online tutoring is also available with FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts.

My daughter completed her exams and received an “A” in French 4:) Thank you so much for your tremendous help. You were quite wonderful in supporting her studies and enjoyment of French.” A very happy Mom

Our Berkeley High student is now saying “Spanish” and “Fun” in the same sentence… and the grades went up too! Thank you for your continued help.” Relieved parents

Note that the families declined to have their full name exposed but are happy to be contacted as references.

A bientôt !     ¡Hasta luego!

MyFrenchTutor@me.com  |   MySpanishTutor@me.com

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